Amazon Echo Show a different and unique product designed by Amazon for the users to handle the smart devices in a smart way by the users. As the name suggests the device comes with a display screen where you can see the different features of the device and instruct the Alexa for your assistance. The device comes with a 7” touch screen on which the visual outputs are displayed. For using the device you must complete the Amazon Echo Show Setup. On this 7”screen you can use for additional features which are not available on other Amazon devices. Like you can watch the video streaming on the internet, you can make the video calls to other Amazon Echo Show users and a lot more. This device can control the switches on/off your fans and lights, open doors control the temperature of your AC and the list is never ending. After the setup of Amazon Echo Show is complete you can connect with your smart devices and all the devices can be controlled at one place only. The Alexa name of the digital assistant is set by default but you can surely change the name from the settings. The other passages can also be monitored through the device Amazon Echo Show.