The smart portable speakers with the best sound quality with far off range to help you assist in your smart homes. The Amazon developed smart device Amazon Echo Tap for the smart devices assistant which works with the help of Alexa, a digital assistant. The easy to connect and work with, the device comes with the amazing features and benefits which keep on updating time and again to give you the best experience. The device needs a power adapted to start and a good speed Wi-Fi connection to work. The device is able to do various chores of daily life once you make it part of your daily life. The device needs to be put at least 20 cm away from walls and pillars for barrier free best sound. You can control your smart home light controlling the switch buttons, opening doors to controlling your smart devices like listening to the news headlines, knowing about the weather forecast, enjoying your favorite music, booking a cab to ordering your favorite dish from favorite restaurant and a lot more can be done by the device by the help of digital assistant Alexa.

  1. Connect Amazon to Wi-Fi

For using the device it needs to be connected with the Wi-Fi after the setup. The setup Wi-Fi is an easy and simple process.  The Wi-FI setting up process is very simple and easy to install and all the instructions will be provided to you for the installation and the set up process. If there is any problem while connecting to the Wi-Fi then press the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth button for a few seconds until you hear the beep. Once you see the light turned on open the Alexa app and go on setup a new device in the settings menu. In order to turn on or off the device press and hold the power button on the device. In case of any problem go to Amazon Tap Troubleshooting or call Amazon support for the further

  1. Talk to Alexa

After the Amazon Tap setup is complete and the device is connected to the Wi-Fi, you are ready to go and talk to your digital assistant Alexa. To talk to Alexa say the word ‘Wake’ that is set by default and you are ready to talk and use the device. If you want to change the name of digital assistant Alexa and give some other name you can surely do it in the settings and keep the name you like. In order to save batter and preventing it from getting drained out you can press the power button present on the device and put it on the sleep mode. In case of any problem or errors you can always check with Amazon Tap Troubleshooting or go to Amazon support service.